Work with us

Can you make us better? We believe that we all create our workplace together and that everyone who works for OneMore Secure contributes what they know best. And we are constantly looking for people who can develop and develop ourselves, so that we are constantly getting better. We have our limitations and are constantly looking for stars who can make us better as a company.

We hire our employees because they are great people. We trust them to do their job, in a way that works for them.

Freedom under responsibility is easy to say, but a challenge to implement. But it is something that is our DNA and that is when we thrive. We give trust and confidence in each other, because that is when we develop and grow, both as people and as a company.

OneMore Secure doesn't care;

  • When our employees do their job.

  • Where our employees work from.

  • If they take a few hours off.

  • If they work less than 40 hours.

OneMore Secure cares about:

  • That our employees are happy.

  • That our employees have a good balance between private life and work life.

  • That our employees feel satisfied in and outside of work.

  • That our employees know that we are there for them both on good and bad days.

Focus on value

At OneMore Secure, we don't believe in time as a good measure of the impact of work. With us, it is forbidden to charge by the hour and therefore we do not have time reports. For us, the focus is on optimizing the effect for our customers and the value our employees create.

How we work

At Onemore Secure, we have a couple of principles that guide our focus and how we work.

  • Start with the customer

  • Less is more & Keep it simple

  • Make, launch, learn

We either succeed or we learn.