NIS2 Directive

The NIS2 Directive is the EU legislation on cyber security. It contains legal measures to increase the overall level of cyber security within the EU. The NIS2 directive must be incorporated and in place by 18 October 2024. The directive requires you to be in control of your suppliers' cyber security capabilities and cyber hygiene. 

OneMore Secure has the controls in our service regarding the security measures you need to have in place regarding NIS2. With OneMore Secure, you can do your GAP analysis of what you have to do to comply with the directive.

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Industries affected by NIS2

NIS2 is expanded from previous directives to cover significantly more industries.

Essential entities

Energy – Electricity, heating and cooling, Oil, Gas, Hydrogen

Transport – Air, Train, Water, Road

Bank – Credit institution, Financial market and infrastructure

Healthcare - healthcare providers, medical products, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment

Drinking water & Waste water

Digital infrastructure – Data centers, cloud providers, electronic communications

Public sector – National and regional authorities


Important entities

Postal and courier services

Waste disposal

Manufacturing, production and distribution of chemicals

Production, processing and distribution of food

Manufacturing – Medical equipment, computer equipment, electronic equipment, machinery, motor vehicles, other transport

Digital providers – marketplaces, search engines, social platforms

Excluded Entities

Micro and small companies (under 250 employees)

Municipalities (can however be incorporated through national NIS law)

Security measures

NIS2 strengthens the requirements for the cyber security of affected businesses and also introduces penalty fees for those who do not comply with the requirements. Here are some of the safety measures required:
  • Risk management and security policy

  • Incident management

  • Continuity planning and crisis management

  • Secure the supply chain

  • Secure Network & Information Systems (acquisition, development, maintenance, vulnerability and privacy)

  • Risk Management policy and processes

  • Cyber hygiene and cyber security training

  • Policy and processes for encryption

  • Authorization and access control

  • Authentication

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OneMore Secure offers a service for you to secure the supply chain and gain control over your suppliers' cyber hygiene. In our service, we also offer specific controls for NIS2 and DORA that cover the security measures that need to be kept in mind. This means that you can do your GAP analysis to see if you comply with the legal requirements. Contact us for more information.

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