Security advisory

There are many who demand that a business must have competence in cyber security, someone who is an expert and can help a business. Hiring someone with such experience and knowledge can be costly. Those people are also difficult to find, there is a huge lack of skills.

OneMore Secures Security advisory as a Service is a service where you get advice and support on security matters WHEN you need it and pay a fraction of the cost of hiring. OneMore Secure's expert advisers have documented experience and knowledge from partly acting in the role of CISO and giving advice on cyber security.

We are not a consulting company where the taximeter ticks as soon as you pick up the phone. We have an "all inclusive" business model where you pay a fixed price and use the service as much as you need.

In the service:

  • Strategic advice regarding cyber security in your organization.

  • Help with finding out who or who can assist you with the actions you want to take to increase your Security.

  • Assist in questions regarding GDPR. OneMore Secure has a valid certificate as an expert in these matters.

  • Support when your potential and existing customers get in touch with questions and other details about how you work with security

  • Inspirational lecture for your employees